Hans Fleischmann (The Glass Menagerie)

Hans Fleischmann, The Glass Menagerie, Lisa Wolf, Theatre, theater, ChicagoMary-Arrchie Theatre Co. has remounted its Jeff-nominated production of Tennessee Williams’ classic THE GLASS MENAGERIE. Directed by ensemble member Hans Fleischmann, who also stars as Tom, the remount features the full original cast. While The Glass Menagerie has been produced three times in Chicago during the past year, this is truly a unique and heart-wrenching production. Hans envisions Tom as a slightly schizophrenic homeless drifter, with memories of family life that come back to haunt him. Tom explains that the Glass Menagerie was inspired by Tennessee Williams’ own life, which included a period of homelessness and a sister who developed schizophrenia. Hans’ hard work and deep passion are truly evident in this riveting and deeply moving production.

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