Nora Dunn (Boeing-Boeing)

Nora Dunn, Saturday Night Live, Boeing Boeing, Drury Lane Theatre, Chicago, TheaterDrury Lane Theatre presents the Tony Award-winning hit comedy BOEING-BOEING starring Saturday Night Live alum Nora Dunn. Nora plays the role of Berthe, the hilarious, yet reluctant housekeeper with a funny French accent, dedicated to helping her boss juggle his romantic affairs. While Nora has an extensive resume in film, television and theatre, she is best known for her work on Saturday Night Live with recurring characters such as The Sweeney Sisters, Pat Stevens, Babette and Ashley Ashley. According to Nora, although she loves her recurring characters, she appreciates the characters that “come up by surprise” such as Martina Navratilova and Imelda Marcos “…a challenge you just don’t find on another show.” Nora is currently working on her new one-woman show, Mythical Proportions opening at Chicago’s Theater Wit.

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